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Tips to Help You Choose a Good Trained Personal Protection Dog for Sale

Personal protection dogs are trained to shield their owners in the event they get attacked or threatened by other people or animals. These dogs have obtained special training and they’re sold by law enforcement agencies or organizations that trained them. When buying a personal protection dog, it is essential to pay close attention to make sure you get the best. On this page are some tips to use when acquiring a personal protection dog.

Know why you need a personal protection dog. Trained protection dogs can cost a lot and be tricky to care for. They are particularly trained to guard you, your possessions or your home in instances of danger and are thus dissimilar from ordinary guard dogs. A personal protection dog is much similar to a K-9 unit or police dog in regard to purpose and training. The main variation is that they’re utilized in a defensive way and not offensive. Otherwise put, they are to protect you and not go after a criminal. Ensure that the personal protection dog you’re considering has been trained for the self-protective purpose more so if you consider a military or retired police dog.

Assess your family situation. It is tricky for a dog to serve as a personal protection dog as well as a family pet. In case you have young kids, you should avoid purchasing a personal protection dog. This is because there have been many cases where personal protection dogs have cruelly hurt or killed young kids. Another thing to do when acquiring a personal protection dog is to ensure you have the resources to acquire and keep a dog. Acquiring a trained personal protection dog costs many dollars. Adding costs like veterinary care, food, and incidental costs pushes the cost further. In addition, personal protection dogs need routine exercise, substantial space, and a possessor who can assume the alpha role. In case you cannot afford these obligations, it isn’t advisable to buy a personal protection dog.

Choose a breed. While looking for a personal protection dog you will probably come across a variety of breeds available for sale. Nonetheless, two specific breeds are the best in regard to temperament, reliability, and trainability. Therefore, it is wise that you consider a Belgian Malinois or a German shepherd. It is also good to pay attention to a dog’s lineage to ensure they were utilized for protective purposes.

Search for personal protection dog trainers and sellers. You should start with law enforcement offices within your area and ask for who they can recommend you to buy a protection dog from. It is also prudent to search for organizations or trainers online. You should read as several reviews as you can to see which trainers and organizations are endorsed by many people. It is also important to consider trainers and organizations that are certified as this is a sign of credibility. Before you take a personal protection dog home, you should meet it in person so that you can ensure it is in good health and that it will suit your needs.

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